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Mixer or Lighting Console Case - Small Format - Up to 160 LCM

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Mixer or Lighting Console Case - Small Format - Up to 160 LCM

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  • Custom Made GigGear Mixer or Lighting Console Case
  • Built and sized specifically to match your mixer or console
  • Small Format Case for mixers up to 160 lcm
  • Lift Off Lid Over Style for operation of console while in the case base
  • Wheels and Trolley Style Roller Case Option Available
  • Custom Made in our road case workshop in Bayswater, Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.
  • Panel Colours and Light weight panel options are available, please contact us for details

  • Standard Features and Hardware:

  • 10mm A Grade Laminated Ply.
  • "Leather look" profile to black laminate,
  • Fully Foam Lined with Premium Hard PE Foam
  • Fully Removable Lift Off Lid for operation of mixer while in case base
  • Penn Elcom Latches; recessed where mixer height permits
  • Return Sprung Bar Handles; recessed where mixer height permits
  • 30mm Heavy Duty Aluminium Angles
  • 25mm Aluminium Joining Hybrids
  • All our custom cases come with a 3 year warranty against product defects and workmanship.

  • Optional Extras:

  • Coloured Panel Options
  • Lightweight Panel Options
  • Wheels / Castor options for Corner Castors and Extendable Handle Trolley Case
  • Branding and Imaging

  • The size of your mixer determines which LCM Case Size Product is correct for you. Use the information below to assist.

    Case Size Code: CC-MIX-100
    Allen & Heath: ZED-10, ZED-10FX, ZED60-10FX, ZED60-14FX, ZED-12FX, ZED-14, ZED POWER 1000
    Yamaha: MG12, MG12XU, MGP12X
    Midas: DM12, DM16
    Mackie: 1402VLZ4, ONYX (1220, 1220i, 820i, 1620i), PRO (FX12, FX8, FX16), 802 VLZ4, 402 VLZ4, 1202 VLZ4, 1402 VLZ4, 1642 VLZ4, 1604 VLZ4, DL806, DL1608
    Behringer: X AIR X18, PMP1000, UB1202FX PRO, UB1204FX PRO, UB1622FX PRO, UB1832FX PRO, UB2222FX PRO, UB2442FX PRO, XENYX (1002FX, 1204FX, 1222FX, 1622FX, 1832FX, 2222FX, 2442FX, 1002, 1002B, 1202, 1202FX, 1204USB, 302USB, 502, 802, Q1002USB, Q1202USB, Q1204USB, Q502USB, Q802USB, QX1002USB, QX1202USB, QX1204USB, QX1222USB, QX1622USB, QX1832USB, QX2222USB, QX2442USB, UFX1204, UFX1604, X1204USB, X1222USB, X1622USB, X1832USB, X2222USB, X2442USB), UB1204 PRO, UB1222FX PRO, EUROPOWER (PMH1000, PMP2000, PMP500, PMP550M, PMP560M, PMP580S, PMP960M, PMP980S), DJX700, LC2412, MX1604, MX1804X, MX2004, MX2642A, MX602A, MXB1002, SL2442FX-Pro, UB1002, UB502, UB802, UBB1002
    Presonus: Studio Live 16.0.2
    Tascam: DM-T1000, US224, US428, fw1082
    Martin: M2GO, M2PC, M-Touch

    Case Size Code: CC-MIX-120
    Allen & Heath: ZED-16FX, ZED-18, ZED-22FX, ZED-24, QU-16
    Yamaha: MG16, MG16XU, MG20, MG20XU, MGP16X
    Behringer: X32 PRODUCER, XL1600, SX2442FX, EURPOWER (PMP4000, PMP6000, PMH5000), DDX3216, DDX3216, MX3242X, PHX3000, PMH3000, PMP3000, PMP5000, SL2442FX
    Presonus: Studio Live 16.4.2, Studio Live 16.4.2AI

    Case Size Code: CC-MIX-140
    Allen & Heath: ZED-420, ZED-R16, QU-24
    Midas: M32R, VENICE (160, F 16R, U 16), M32R
    Mackie: 2404VLZ4
    Behringer: X32 COMPACT, SX3242FX, MX2442, MX2442A, SL3242FX
    Presonus: Studio Live 16.4.2, Studio Live 24.4.2, Studio Live 24.4.2AI
    Tascam: DM24

    Case Size Code: CC-MIX-160
    Allen & Heath: ZED-428, QU-32
    Midas: VENICE (240, F 16, U 24)
    Yamaha: MGP24X
    Mackie: 3204VLZ4
    Behringer: XL2400, SX3282
    Presonus: Studio Live 32.4.2AI
    Tascam: DM-T4000

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    Mixer or Lighting Console Case - Small Format - Up to 160 LCM

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